arc mgmt collection services

Commercial Collections for B2B clients


Collection of overdue business-to-business accounts is a sensitive subject for most companies and many wait far too long before placing accounts with an agency, fearing that their relationships will be forever damaged. Our common goal is to preserve our client's name and their vendor relationships whenever practical, while also striving to achieve the highest possible return for our clients.

Companies that experience financial difficulties often prioritize payments to their creditors using the "squeaky wheel" method; paying the ones who are most vital to their business first, then paying the most vocal collection-oriented creditors, and so on.

ARC believes that creditors who demonstrate that they are serious about collecting their overdue accounts are more likely to be paid and that they will be paid more swiftly, with less chance of charging off the accounts.

Opening an ARC commercial collections agency account is simple; and free!

We will work with you to establish approach to work guidelines that are customized to your needs and designed to help you retain your relationships while collecting monies owed.

ARC is a more efficient alternative to collecting delinquent accounts receivable with internal personnel and we can even create desirable rates for accounts aged 60 days or younger. Since our fee is based solely on results, we can easily be hired in order to help you demonstrate that you are serious about collecting your debts.

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