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ARC Management Group, LLC Billing and Collections FAQ

Q: Can I place a debt that is owed to me personally?

A: ARC is exclusively a business-to-business company. We will only accept accounts that are owed to a business. Debtors owing delinquent accounts to a business can be consumers or businesses.

Q: What is the difference between a consumer debt and a commercial debt?

A: A consumer debt is money owed by an individual person to a business. A commercial debt is money owed by one business to another business.

Q: Do I have to place a minimum number of accounts to become an ARC client?

A: ARC will assist any business and does not require a minimum number of accounts to be placed in order to become a client.

Q: Is there a minimum dollar balance per account in order to use ARC?

A: ARC will accept any account with an outstanding balance of over fifty dollars.

Q: Are there any up-front fees required to open an account with ARC?

A: There are no up-front fees, retainers or other sign up fees. The only time you pay a fee is when we collect your accounts.Arc Management Group, LLC has extensive experience in collections, managed care and provider contract negotiations, and medcial bad debt collections

Q: What is the actual fee charged when an account is collected?

A: The fee will vary depending upon whether an account is a commercial debt or a consumer debt, and whether the account is a primary or a secondary placement.

Q: How long does it take to collect an account?

A: The average collection time is usually about 4 to 5 months from the day of placement. Some accounts may be collected sooner, others may take longer to collect.

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