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ARC Management Group, LLC Billing and Collections FAQ

Q: If ARC can't collect my account through the regular collection process, will you litigate on my behalf? ARC Management Group, LLC staff have extensive experience in collections, and bad debt collections

A: ARC has a staff of collection attorneys that will sue any account that they judge to be collectable through the court system. For more details, go to when legal action is required, we get the job done.

Q: Do you sue on any account you can't collect through simple collection means?

A: Not in every case. ARC will review an account before asking for authorization to sue. The balance due, location of assets and other factors, play a role in the recommendation.

Q: At what point does an account become "uncollectable"?

A: When we have exhausted all means at our disposal, we will review the account and make a recommendation to our clients.

Q: Does ARC locate individuals or businesses that may have relocated with no forwarding address?

A: ARC makes use of all of the latest technology in order to locate bad addresses.

Q: Is ARC licensed and bonded in my state?

A: ARC meets all requirements in all states for licensing and bonding.

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