arc mgmt collection services

When it's necessary to take legal action, we get the job done.


ARC retains network attorneys who are licensed to practice law in multiple jurisdictions, for both consumer and commercial accounts, providing us with on-site legal expertise as needed and the ability to act immediately in the states in which we are licensed; most other agencies cannot make this claim.

With dedicated attorneys on-site, operating under their own firm's name, we are able to place our client's debtors directly into litigation as required. Should it become necessary to work outside our jurisdiction, local attorneys are utilized in various states. We do not simply "forward" a potential case to be worked somewhere else. ARC works together with local counsel, who litigates under their name, in cooperation with and under our direction.

We simplify management of legal recourse and enable our clients to recover more of their debt much faster than client directed efforts, with far less hassle.


Should legal action become necessary, ARC is committed to aggressively representing your economic needs. ARCs end-to-end management of the entire legal processes helps ensure success.

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