arc mgmt collection services

Our people make a difference in performing every collection.


Everyone at ARC believes that preserving our client's image with their customers and vendors is vital to doing our job well. We always act on your behalf in the manner you desire, whether using a discreet approach for long-standing consumer or business relationships, to employing more aggressive programs as the need arises. Regardless of how you want to handle your debt collection accounts, we will customize a program specifically for you.

ARC Management Group's executives and management team has over 100 years of combined experience within Debt Collections and Healthcare industries. Every ARC agent is trained in legal practices to ensure that our entire team understands and carefully adheres to all legal compliance guidelines, industry standard quality control procedures and our own stringent ethical standards. Our agents also receive regular training to sharpen their collections skills and keep them apprised of any changes in applicable laws. All of our agents are strictly monitored to help ensure that they conduct themselves professionally, in compliance with the law and our own standards and practices.

We respect the rights and dignity of debtors. While persuasiveness and persistence are essential elements, integrity is first and foremost. This combination is the cornerstone of our overall philosophy and why we are successful at what we do.


This is a data driven business. There is no need to bluff or badger a debtor; the facts are simply the facts. We stress an honest and straightforward approach with each debtor, within the employee ranks and with all of our clients.


Our investments in technology, staff education, and highly selective recruiting, allow ARC to provide its clients with an improved level of service and unparalleled results.

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